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Thursday 29 September 2011

Welcome to the Hort blog!

As part of our move to putting more content online, we're creating several blogs that will be part of our website. This is the general blog, where we'll put general interest items, announcements, etc.

Ours will be a group or community blog. That means that if you'd like to post to the blog, there will be several ways to do it:
  • you're new: send us an email with your blog text and some pictures, and we'll do it for you
  • you're an experienced blogger with lots to say -- ask to become a member of the blogging group. You'll be able to post your own entries.
Watch this site and our newsletter for more details.

The pirate flag at Tonya Surman's vegetable garden- photo Clement Kent
Just to get the ball rolling, here are a few images from our recent Vegetable Garden Tour

gardeners at Hope garden - photo Beth Kapusta

When we have more postings, we may separate those mostly to do with vegetable gardening to a separate blog. Comments?

- Clement Kent

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